Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Mayor-Elect Derrick Burgess and Clerk-Elect
Marva Campbell-Pruitt of Sauk Village
SAUK VILLAGE |  Voters wanted change and spoke loudly at the polls Tuesday.  With 100% of the polls reporting, Village Trustee Derrick Burgess won with 55.5% of all votes cast over Village Trustee Rosie Williams-Baig and Village Trustee Lynda Washington-House.  Burgess's decisive victory was a demand for change by the voters and an end to the status quo.

Both Williams-Baig, who completed her third term on the Village Board and Washington-House did not seek re-election to the Village Board and will now be out of their Trustees seats come May 9th.  Burgess, whose seat is up in 2019 will get to appoint his successor once he vacates his seat upon taking the oath as Mayor.

Burgess ran a very positive campaign and his message of a New Direction and a Pathway to Progress resonated with the residents.  Voter turnout was light, with about 1074 voters turning out at the polls to choose the next Mayor.

Burgess was surrounded by a crowd at his campaign headquarters Tuesday night when results began coming in showing an overwhelming majority and mandate.  Official results from Cook County Clerk's office with 100% of all precincts report was as follows:

Burgess:                      595*
Williams-Baig:            295
Washington-House:     182

*-indicates winner

Voters also made history Tuesday night with the election of the first African-American Village Clerk.  Marva Campbell-Pruitt beat out two-term incumbent Debbie Williams whose most recent term was riddled with scandals since 2013.  Campbell-Pruitt ran a very positive campaign and according to the official results from Cook County Clerk David Orr's office showed:

Campbell-Pruitt           546*
Williams                        502

*-indicates winner

Villagers also turned away two-term incumbent Trustee Edward Myers, who was the only incumbent Trustee who was on the ballot.  27 year old Rodrick Grant was the top vote-getter followed by Bernice Brewer-Houston and Linda Todd each won seats on the Village Board.  Beth Zupon, former Village Clerk came up just short of winning a seat.  Burgess praised Grant, Brewer-Houston and Zupon for a positive and well fought campaign.  According to official results in the Trustee's race the following reported:

Grant                       504*
Brewer-Houston     487*
Zupon                       466
Todd                         496*
Myers                        394
Garrett                       394
*-indicates winner

Current Mayor David Hanks who endorsed Williams-Baig for Mayor and wrote a scathing article on his personal blog as to why he decided not to vote for Burgess, did not call or attend Burgess's victory party.  Williams-Baig did not call to concede, however, Washington-House did turn-up at Burgess's campaign office to concede in person.

In School District 168 results the following:

  • Branard Barrett      326*
  • Kanika Johnson     227
  • Brandie Jackson    296
  • Marva Campbell-Pruitt   467*
  • Tawanda Henry     148
  • Rachel Eastman     235
  • Sene Garrett           400*
  • Jimo Kasali            224
  • RaDonna Brown    178
  • Mary Howard        329*


  1. So proud of Marva Campbell-Pruitt. She will represent positive change for the Village.